Komplete Elements


 The Komplete Library

Komplete Elements contains over 3 GB of material with over 1000 sounds – all carefully compiled to provide a strong toolkit for the widest-possible range of production tasks. There are acoustic drums, electronic beats, orchestral strings, and a wide range of synthesizers. Plus guitar amp simulation and an array of creative studio effects – a fully equipped and ready-to-roll production suite.

Three Komplete Engines

To play and control all these sounds, Komplete Elements provides three powerful player engines, which can be used stand-alone or within your DAW:

Reaktor 5 Players for synthesizers

Guitar RIG 5 Player for amps, cabinets and effects

Kontakt 5 Player for sampled instruments

Infinitely Expandable – $25.00 E-Voucher Included

Expand your Komplete Elements library with additional instruments from the huge range of Komplete Instruments and Effects – an e-voucher* worth $25.00 for the NI Online Shop is already included in Komplete Elements.